Sunday, 23 June 2024

Fantastic Shelf n° 1

What better way to spend a slow sunset than rummaging your bookshelf until words, lines, letters and images become a beautiful blur? In case your home library feels a little lean right now and/or needs a quality upper, we’ve got you. Enter: the Fantastic Shelf, a quick glance into our current reads and fierce flip-throughs — from classics we should have cracked open a long time ago to hot-off-the-press novels, photography collections, memoirs, journals, food guides, fashion compilations, dancefloor reflections and the publications that, one way or another, made their way onto the pages of our latest issue.

FANTASTIC MAN - Fantastic_shelf_no1_1

Read as we speak, from left to right:
— Alexandra Carl, Collecting Fashion (336-page peek into the world’s wildest closets)
— Lou Sullivan, We Both Laughed in Pleasure (the unfiltered journals of an often overlooked transcestor)
— Sanzo Wada, Dictionary of Color Combinations Volume 2 (mouthwatering palettes via the Japanese seasons)
— Maurits de Bruijn, Man Maakt Stuk (novel deconstructions of the not-so-fantastic man)
— Andy Baraghani, The Cook You Want To Be (kitchen aid from the chef who dissects cardoons in our latest issue)
— Shawn Reynaldo, First Floor Volume 1 (razor-sharp reflections on electronic music and its current culture)
— Jason Okundaye, Revolutionary Acts (author unearths the history of queer black activism in London)
— McKenzie Wark, Love and Money, Sex and Death (trans theorist’s life-oozing letters on life-defining themes)
FILA: Timelapse (110 years of sports-prompted Italian style)
— Lev Tanju, Palace Product Descriptions (the collected webshop poetry of our current cover star)
Patrick Angus: Visual Diary (life and work of a near-forgotten brilliant gay painter)
— Chukwuebuka Ibeh, Blessings (worldly coming-of-age debut with an otherworldly touch)
Pop Trading Company, 2013–2023 (Amsterdam streetwear label turns 10 in photos)
Quilo: Journal of Photographic Tales from Brazil (44 country-and-counter-views in bookish photo mag)
— James Baldwin, Go Tell it on The Mountain (the great Baldwin sanctuary, revisited)
— Spyros Rennt, Corporeal (Greek photographer’s new hot anthology)

And if any of these are of interest, do make sure to support your local bookstore.


Photography by Lonneke van der Palen. Text by Leendert Sonnevelt. Thanks to Athenaeum Boekhandel.