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Renowned biannual magazine seeks 18 men for photographic feature exploring the idea of contemporary masculinity. Distinctive faces encouraged. Based in or near the capital of England would be handy. Being good-natured is a must.

From Fantastic Man n° 37 — 2023
Photography by DANIEL RIERA
Skincare products by HORACE

FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_8_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_8_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_2_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_15_fm37
Theo is a Greek scientist living in London, where he enjoys tending to his garden. Above he is wearing a white shirt and black tie, both by JordanLuca, with a waistcoat by Stefan Cooke and coat by Balenciaga. The Juste un Clou tiepin is by Cartier.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_18_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_19_fm37
Vicente’s currently writing a book and speaks four languages. His fresh-faced look stems from a proper scrub with Horace’s purifying cleanser. It is worn alongside a cotton shirt and double-breasted cashmere coat, both by Loewe.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_13_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_10_fm37
Ciarán recently turned 23 and lives in London’s East End. He graduated from university in Dublin earlier this year, and since moving across the Irish channel he’s been busy exploring the British capital’s numerous nightspots. He wears a shirt and blazer, both by Giorgio Armani, and a touch of moisturising eye cream by Horace to smooth out any dark circles.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_11_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_9_fm37
Caio comes from the Amazon region in Brazil, and when he’s not cooking, eating, or watching people cook, he is practising his craft as a fashion coordinator and stylist. He’s wearing a black tie and a white shirt under a heavy cotton shirt; all by Valentino.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_17_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_16_fm37
Yash is 22 years old. He works at the world-famous Madame Tussauds in the British capital and loves to cook food inspired by his Mauritanian heritage. He is wearing a shirt by Fursac with a coat by Namacheko, and Horace’s mattifying face moisturiser for a clean, blemish-free finish.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_6_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_14_fm37
Jyrrel loves to skate and cycle around the city and, when London’s notoriously changeable weather allows it, eat fruit in the sunshine. He’s wearing a white shirt by Alexander McQueen under a Loro Piana jacket, and his earring is from Tiffany & Co.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_3_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_5_fm37
Marc is the co-founder of the Parisian men’s beauty brand Horace, whose products were delicately applied throughout this story. He packed in a job in consulting to start Horace in 2015 with a business school friend, spurred on by the distinct lack of no-nonsense, natural, and affordable products available on the market. Eight years, and 14 or so boutiques later, here we are! Marc wears a shirt, tie and jacket by Hermès.
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_4_fm37
FANTASTIC MAN - Casting_20_fm37
Nacho enjoys skateboarding and listening to Miles Davis’s seminal 1957 album ‘Round About Midnight’. He is wearing a satin shirt and washed denim blazer, both by Edward Cuming, with a vintage tie.

Photographic assistance by Marc de Miguel. Styling assistance by Anne Elizabeth Voortmeijer. Grooming assistance by Beya Angelova and Margherita Fabbro. Grooming for Nacho and Vicente by Maria