Here for full viewing pleasure is the film of THE SUPER SHOW, a catwalk extravaganza of forty looks staged earlier this year in a secret location to an audience of zero. The show was created from the best of the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections and is a real study in masculinity. It focuses on clashing together different forms of menswear, from formal to utility, to create a whole new language in men’s dressing. The looks can already been seen in the latest issue of Fantastic Man, and are brought to life here in moving pictures, a film which was previewed earlier this week at a cocktail during London Fashion Week at MODERN ART, the gallery of Mr. STUART SHAVE. · Watch THE SUPER SHOW on YouTube

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  1. Local Boy At Home:


  2. Atticus:

    who knew a fashion show could be so boring?

  3. Franc:

    Such a beautiful show, thanks Fantastic Man! I especially love Look 32, the sheepskin bomber jacket is my favourite garment for this autumn.

  4. horst:

    beautiful, especially the use of the word extravaganza that currently occupies my mind…

  5. DANNY:

    beautiful stunning gorgeous flawless

  6. andrei:

    dear fantastic man, the new issue was arguably the weakest issue ever, no thanks to the so-called “part 3,” which was this “fashion show.” in addition, the unnecessary placement of three advertisements for womens’ clothing (ysl, apc and pringle) which should be better represented in the gentlewoman seems to have been slipped in to annoy the reader more.

  7. C:

    This was really a stunning show. I had some problems with some of the bulkier garments, but all in all I really think this is inspiring for all designers and stylists. That is what I love about men’s wear, it is easy to make it simple and difficult to make it wrong.

  8. Hermano:

    I loved the idea of a show with the best of the collections. The video looks great. But there is something… There should be in the video the credit of the clothes. It doesn’t help a lot the readers if we don’t know of which brands these clothes are…

  9. Drus:

    love it. compliments especially to the hairdresser.

  10. Dharma Bray:

    I wish I could make a comment! Have tried on 2 different computers and still cant get this to play… perhaps you could put it on You Tube?

  11. mike:

    and here comes the further commercialisation and slide downhill of fantastic man for the reader it was initially intended for

  12. Denny:

    Dear Hermano,
    you can find all the fashion credits in the latest issue of FANTASTIC MAN, along with detailed photographs of all the looks.

    Dear Dharma Bray,
    the video can indeed be found on YouTube, please have a look here:

    Denny from FANTASTIC MAN

  13. Thomas:

    great show! thanks. The third model out is sporting a wonderful sheath (hip bag) — that I absolutely love. Anyone know the designer and where one could purchase it?

  14. Hari Manit:

    LOVE the concept. However, in my opinion it was sterile and boring. Felt like the Matrix meets club wear meets most bad fashions of the 90s. The hair was great, I do agree to that.

  15. Stephen:

    This will look amazing in 12 months time.

  16. Oscar:

    This looks fantastic – credit to the whole team.

  17. GEORGE:


  18. Peter:

    Thumbs down for the worst issue ever.

  19. Morgan:

    Although the hair styles do look great, as mentioned here in an earlier comment, I thought the show on the whole was completely lacking in every way that makes your magazine, at least in past issues of which I have all of, so very wonderful and unique. If one of the goals was to “create a new language in men’s dressing”, I think you sorely missed the mark by quite a lot. This was truly “the best of A/W 10? I’m now imagining that your entire next issue is going to be dedicated to leather pants? I remember a great majority of these looks done so much better by Helmut Lang in the 90′s when they seemed quite a bit more cutting edge, exciting, and altogether more interesting. It all feels very “Fashion” when I was under the impression that Fantastic Man so much more about style. That said, all the best, still love you guys!



  21. World Man About Town:

    Excellent overall (styling, garments, accessories, models) but why so little colour?

  22. Style Father:

    In response to ANDREI: APC i’ll let you have, but the PRINGLE ad IS menswear, but they are using Tilda Swinton as a model(will happily be told otherwise). As for YSL ad, it has been a common thread through Fantastic Man since I started buying the magazine 4 or so years ago. And this I like-its not about mens and womens-its about style.

    Part 3, I think is fantastic(sorry, pun intended). They are wearable looks that can be adapted for this season and next, although I do agree a lack of colour can be uninspiring, I have long been a fan of using navy as a primary colour, and looks brilliant with everything. I say this because I dont like black, so the looks will be admired but redone in navy.

    But my favourite section was the seasonals, especially the neckline propositions-beatuifully shot and superbly styled.

    One criticism-why so hard to get hold of in the north of England???

  23. JuiceMajor:

    I am luving this mag now…will start buying!

  24. pex plumbing supplies:

    I just read lots of weblogs recently as well as yours is among the greatest. I enjoy reading you – obvious as well as well crafted. Your web page goes straight to my personal bookmarks. I got some good inspirational thoughts reading this.

  25. Charles:

    Great show, very nice work on styling the models, also love the hair. But totally lacking in the pattern and variety of color that makes dressing interesting. Shops full of black/white/cream/grey/navy are just incredibly dull, and so are shows with nothing but (unless you add in some drama other than pacing models). And throwing in bright orange doesn’t make up for a lack of real variety. So a nice first effort, but hopefully you’ll broaden the scope in future. Would be more interesting to see shorter shows with a bit more time on each “look” (since it’s hard to see in a video from far away), and perhaps organize each one around what FANTASTIC MAN sees as a trend or key element of the season.

  26. ms d:

    nice share!

  27. Miguel Angelo:

    Superbe! Misse en escene , photografie et musique

  28. oliver:

    Wow. What a breath of fresh air. Goodbye hipsters!

  29. David_M_Watts:

    Doing what ‘Fantastic Man’ does best – edited, to the point and creatively informative!

  30. modern idler:

    the kind of SUPER show an Aryan Supremacist might enjoy.

  31. thick:

    I’m sorry but this parade was totally clueless, anyone who thinks in total monochrome w/ a blast of fluro , go back to the 90′s.this had nothing to do with what stylish people are wearing now. Just look at Tommy tons photos. Back to style school for whoever dragged this drudgery before our eyes.







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