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April 27, 2011

  1. bdb:

    I’m always surprised at the lack of available length to tuck in modern undergarments and t-shirts, I recommend What Goes Around Comes Around in NYC for the best selection of Vietnam issue t-shirts all with great tuck-in. Short sleeves are comfortable and practical and always a favourite of mine. (was this is first ever cigarette!?)

  2. Greg:

    Aaaaargh! Want one! Need one! Where can one find a decent military dump store in London these days?

  3. James:

    Like the look, I think short sleeves work well at this time of year – did a quick search for it though and a lot of different styles are returned even a thermal and french connection shirt. It looks more of a summer/spring style as long sleeve it becomes a different look.

  4. Milan:

    The henley is the artist’s version of the polo. Best American version is by NSF….as featured in heavy rotation on “Vince Chase”

  5. matthew:

    Hello Greg, the henley is in fact available form the The Vintage Showroom in Covent Garden.

  6. Bernie:

    This is a Swedish army undershirt
    Referred often as a Swedish Army Grandad shirt or Swedish Army waffle shirt. The short sleeves are proper to military shirts in 1940’s as one would imagine the wearer would have to lift and aim with a rifle thus sleeves must not get in the way.

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