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January 29, 2010

  1. horst:

    i tried the hair as a teenager but want the leather tshirt

  2. Nueve Musas:

    From what I’ve witnessed, this style has great potential to go horrendously wrong. Constant conditioning and brushing cannot be stressed enough. At best you get delicious long locks like the gentleman above. At worst you are a deranged inbred villain of a bad 70’s horror movie chasing an unwary couple through the backwoods of Appalachia with a chainsaw. Although that could be a look.

  3. Andrew:

    i think that look (deranged appalachian) sounds kind of awesome!!!

  4. Randall:

    Oh Appalachia, with your deranged inbred villainous ways, you slay me. In the backwoods.

  5. Max:

    this long-haired loser is a poster-child for a dungeons and dragons support group. Seriously… a leather shirt? This is just all around bad.

  6. die young, stay pretty.:

    very few men can pull this look off but those that can should be rewarded!
    also adore a leather tee.

  7. tshirt vert:

    Hi there, It’s certainly away from the point but I have bought some t-shirts made by Shakira to help poor people of africa. You can do the same to help.

  8. kat:

    what are you thinking about?

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