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May 1, 2010

  1. larry:

    CENTURY 21 is not a dump – its FANTASTIC

    I mean Rick Owens jackets, Carpe Diem pants, Calvin Klein Collection shoes….. whats dumpy about that? Seems like FM.com does not know what is a dump vs. a treasure.

  2. Hornrimmed:

    Easy Larry, it’s just another case of Dutch-English. I’m guessing they mean “outlet” which is essentially what Century 21 is. Nice shorts!

  3. Capstick:

    I always believed to be part of “white trash” for walk in underwear in my house. Until today, because just I know that I am a so trendy fantastic whity trashy man.

  4. World Man About Town:

    For stylish loungewear and boxer shorts, my favourite is Banana Republic: good quality and nice designs.

  5. Adriana Eckerle:

    hi,nice pants in your post,I love that good pants,I need to find one for me,bill

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December 31, 2014