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November 13, 2009

  1. horst:

    in love with the image

  2. Duane:

    amazing! shame they don’t have a store in London.

  3. Albert:

    And the nice boxy black suit case goes with it? It looks quite envyable. After a decade of business travel I still haven’t figured out what to pack for efficient trips. The whole concept reminds me of Puma’s 72 or 96 hours concept from a few years back – does that still exist?

  4. martin:

    clever image. forget the clothes.

  5. le fist:

    It could also stand for “sl-i-v-e-r” if you swapped the letters around a bit. Seems somehow more apporopriate. SLIVER, very precise and razor sharp. If Dexter’s serial killer brother from Season One had to make a short stay trip in Vancouver or something I’d imagine he’d find this very useful…
    Wasn’t there a horror film in the 80s by the same name?

  6. Patrik:

    I worked on the ad campaign for this line and I kept calling it “SLIVER” by accident throughout the day. I was also wearing a Nirvana “Sliver” t-shirt by pure coincidence so the different pronunciation caught on with the lovely Adidas reps. It is what you make it, which renders it all quite NOW.

  7. Mariela Witchey:

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  8. Rayen:

    These are some beaituful shots. We had a great time, and you and Andrew were amazing to work with. Thanks for capturing our special day!

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