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May 26, 2010

  1. Charles:

    That must be one of your best tips yet. What a brilliant demonstration of rolling, too. Must get one.

  2. lineage of influence:

    I don’t like hats, because they don’t like me. If they did I wouldn’t look daft in them. I do however think this is very nifty though, what with it being rollable.

    I’d go with an umbrella every time.

  3. Rob:

    This is awesome! Didn’t know you could do that to a hat!

  4. Bob Wire:

    It’s a shame expensive hats can’t make you smart or talented at music, because then Mr. Spooner might still have a career.

  5. Rob:

    @Bob: Nobody really wants to hear your sour opinion about your taste in music or your assumptions about Mr. Spooners’ intellect. Stay on topic! That is one very smart hat!

  6. Charles:

    Would Mr. Spooner be willing to share information on how to purchase the hat? I’ve not had much luck finding one online that looks as well made as the one shown above.

  7. Casey Spooner:

    @ Charles, I got my hat at the Borsalino shop in the Galleria in Milano. Maybe you can find it online through Borsalino. Thanks, CS

  8. Mr Cheap Date:

    In my most humble opinion Fischerspooner was ahead of it’s time. Electroclash (sorry) when reassessed, though obviously not commercially massive, produced some ace dance and pop records. Fischerspooner, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Tiga, Scissor Sisters , Felix da Housecat… personally I think FS never got the recognition they deserved. Their second LP is great, and Mr Spooner is a far more exciting, er, “popstar”, for want of a better term, than many more “career” orientated and bamdwagon-jumping artists out there, no?
    Nice hat btw.

  9. josher:

    electoclash was a blip on the lips of an old man.
    cool click and roll.

  10. Ann:

    This looks like about the best thing I have yet to taste! YUMMM!!!!!! I am a real mac and ceehse lover, and never thought I’d like it with added ingredients, but thisss..I must HAVE THISS! All my favourite flavours of delish English Breakfast, right in my macaroni and ceehse!!! Moove ohhver, Gabriel, {my dear one who fancies himself the cook of the family}! HAHAAA

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