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June 20, 2013

  1. Román Padín:

    the shorter the better…not to show the bull inside a man, but short. Román Padín

  2. Fredo:

    It all depends on the girth of the leg–thick leg, shorter short, thin leg, longer short. You guys know this. You published it several years ago in issue 1 or 2.

  3. Maverick:

    I reckon this will remain a divisive issue; I am certainly divided myself. I basically own shorts in each category mentioned, and am still unsure of the best look.

  4. Dickie:

    I’m with Fredo – hawt legs, it’s your responsibility to share them with the world!

  5. O'Neil:

    I think we are ready for the fashion revamp short mid thigh on men it makes the statement that summer is actually happening

  6. Charles:

    Agree it depends on the shape of the leg (and the context). If you have long legs and your thigh muscles start higher, shorter shorts will be more flattering than ones that only reveal your skinny knees and cover the muscles higher up your legs. If you are shorter and have thicker legs, a mid-length short can give you a more tapered appearance. If you are wearing shorts with a jacket and tie, then they should probably be longer for a more formal look (Bermuda style)– or at least a good bit below the hem of the jacket. There are never hard-and-fast rules: the point is to suit the clothes to flatter the man and make him feel comfortable in the occasion.

  7. PEDRO:

    What model New Balance shoes are these?

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December 31, 2014