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April 9, 2010

  1. Worldmanabouttown:

    Erm… It’s a fashion show, not the fashion police. Just because LV chose to display the shirt fully on the show, it doesn’t mean that’s how it is supposed to be worn. It’s the same thing with trousers tucked in boots in order to show the boots. This is not an idea, just a way to display.

  2. horst:

    as if i knew, i’m wearing it today

  3. LeStyleNeglige:

    Love the white shirt…Ive just posted a little thing about its qualities…

  4. lineage of influence:

    Sometimes I wear my white shirt un-tucked. Sometimes I tuck it in. Sometimes I do the top button up. Sometimes I don’t do the top button up. Sometimes I roll the sleeves up. Sometimes I leave the sleeves down. Sometimes I wear it with a suit. Sometimes I wear it with jeans. Sometimes I wear a tie. Sometimes I don’t wear a tie. Sometimes…

  5. charlie:

    thank you fantastic man team for fixing the issue with the pictures i am now viewing the clickable images with great ease and interest

  6. Dan:

    When you start promoting a look that the zombies here in cow town Sacramento wear and have worn for years (as a substitute for fashion), then I know you have really gone off the deep end.

  7. Jeremy:

    Well, it looks great at LV, becoming more of a tunic than a traditional shirt.

  8. Charles:

    The trick is to keep the bottom from wrinkling too much (easy for the models who don’t have to sit down), unless the entire shirt is wrinkled.
    I also think untucked shirts need to be “squared off” at the bottom — not curved. But that’s hard to find.
    Of course, in India and many other places, men wear this sort of thing all the time.

  9. Tuco:

    Waiter, tell the chef we find pan seared mackeral with pistachio cream and capers both delicious and inspiring.

  10. Jun:

    Airy and relaxed but reminds me of women who wear something equivalent over shiny black leggings. And where is the April Look, or the previous looks for that matter?

  11. Eric Barth:

    I would normally agree with Dan above, as I live there also, but I can see how this can look great if worn either in a completely minimalist approach or in a very layered way…both of which can be seen in the above photos.

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