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May 5, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    “extra fabulous socks in a lovely acrylic/cotton blend”. How many things are wrong with this sentence? :-)

  2. Alexander:

    Dear ‘World Man About Town’,
    As much as it’s nice to see comments from fellow readers, I’m beginning to wonder what it is you’re contributing to this site with comments such as the one above. For someone who’s a self-titled ‘World Man About Town’, did you ever consider that your perpetual (and often completely unnecessary) banter would present you as someone who is the furthest thing from such a title?

  3. Thom Smith:

    Alexander, the public nature of the ‘Daily Recommendation’ welcomes discussion and controversy. Even though I don’t always agree with the views by World Man About Town or others, his opinions are witty and well argued and his is one rather good blog that raises question about accepting fashion.

    You should read the comments that people write in similar platforms such as the GQ style website, which can be offensive and rude. These are a walk in the park…

  4. Oliver:

    Have to agree with Alexander. If I wanted WMAT’s opinion every day I would read his blog (note: I don’t).

    P.S. Cool socks!

  5. Local Boy At Home:

    Who needs comments anyway.

  6. herb:

    as there are different sorts of fantastic men featured in the magazine, some who are duds and some who are studs (who they are is one’s preference), the comments should reflect this as well. for the record, though, i would like to add that these socks are horrid.

  7. christopher B:

    I was excited when I saw the heading ‘psychedelic socks’ but the tie dyed pair you presented us with are lumpen and blotchy. I prefer my psychedelia geometric and sharp looking.

  8. Paul Durcan:

    Here’s to freedom of speech! Your comment made me read WMAT’s site and it rocks.

    And, yes, these socks are horrid! Not all fashion is good just because it features in a magazine. Well done, World Man.

  9. christopher B:

    I don’t like the layout of World Man’s blog. What’s up with the black background? it makes all the images look mucky.

  10. Mimi:

    Ah Australia, the home of the lumpen UGG boot. Why do they persevere in their quest to make feet look as ugly as humanly possible? It does say a great deal when Zara refuses to open a store in the entire country…

    By the way, WMAT is a sartorial genius with impeccable English.

  11. Mr Cheap Date:

    I think black backgrounds save watt hours and therefore the planet and quite possibly our futures? I could be wrong. That’s why we use Blackle not Google in work anyway.
    On the socks…I LOVE the left one, not so keen on the right one… er, he joked…

  12. Lineage of Influence:

    Surely the point is that these socks are sh*t?

    They’re touted as something that’s recommended by Fantastic Man yet are a blend of man made fibers and they look awful, how exactly is that good? Buy 100% cotton socks, or better still 100% Cashmere (or a blend) and you’ll get a better product.

    Surely that’s WMAT’s point?

    I imagine everyone comments on here because they care about fashion in one way or another and that’s the singular point in the matter? We’re given the opportunity to comment and many of us do? Different horses for different courses and all that chaps…


    I agree with Alexander and Oliver. Commenting is all well and good when necessary, but there’s a fine line between that and shameless self promotion which just proves irritating.

  14. iPad Transfer:

    I agree with the 3 bucks being too much. I remember when Cydia apps were almost all free. It almost feels like they are charging for everything on there anymore. It”s slightly depressing.haha. “Well said?” Uh, no. He”s full of crap. The two websites look WAY too similar, and shows a complete lack of design originality on Google”s part. Did either of you even look at them? Technically it is not a free service because you still need to pay for a very expensive iPhone 4 when the other iPhones cannot get the service for free even though they are capable of it. ^the lag is thanks to the introduction of ios4.x. I couldn”t stand it on my 3GS and had to upgrade to ip4, yet ip4 still lags, the memory management is so horrible. sj messed up big time…works well for me., not many don”t work .. but its a little annoying you can”t scan through the clip. If it crashes or gets stuck half way through you have to watch the whole thing again.

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