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May 20, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    I like their simplicity and the bag on the website is good too.

  2. Lineage of Influence:

    These are beautifully made and very comfy. The only thing I don’t like is the midsole.

    They’re a good alternative to CP’s Achilles but for me the Achilles are better because the sole unit on them is a thing of absolute beauty. When it comes to really good white trainers though there are only two to choose from in my opinion: CP’s & these, nothing else comes close.

    Trainer geek? Yes.

  3. Paul:

    Mmmm. Not so sure. Look like nurse shoes. I think Common Projects did the white shoe better.

  4. jack:

    I agree with Paul – they’re way too chunky. I would go for a pair of these any day – Please see link

  5. jack:

    sorry about that ridiculous link – they’re white lacoste’s

  6. charlie:

    Don’t you think it’s interesting, noble even, for a sneaker to be made by an individual rather than a brand?

  7. jonathan:

    so this fellow Erik makes these by hand or? if they are produced by others, where is it made?

  8. jack:

    Not if you’re making them chunky and ugly like that… If they’re beautiful shoes – then yes, I would prefer them to be hand-made, but these aren’t…

  9. lineage of influence:

    They’re not actually that chunky if you have them on your feet.

    It’s just an illusion caused by the fact that the sole is so simple and without any stitching, they’re pretty much the same thickness as an Achilles sole, but like I said the Achilles is a nicer trainer (imo) although these are comfier.

  10. Charles:

    I like that they are produced by hand — what a wonderful luxury. But the perfect pair of white shoes for me would need to be leather and not in the trainer/sneaker family.

  11. Style Salvage Steve:

    For me they are perfect. I might be biased though because I’ve just interviewed Erik for my blog. my favourite quote is as follows…

    “It always takes a very long time to develop the products which is kind of the whole idea. Everything has to be perfect and all products have to work together with the other ones. Nothing is added by coincidence and everything has been thought through a million times.”

    Achieving simplicity is more difficult than something that is spectacular. I would add though that there is something spectacular in Erik’s simplicity.

  12. Ria Kowalczyk:

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