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August 29, 2011

  1. bdb:

    The Chelsea boot I find a hard style to wear. I have a beautiful pair by Prada from a few seasons back. They are elegant and practical but the accompanying trouser length and style is hard to judge (jeans don’t really go) and it must be just so, not too short or long. I find the conotstions of the Chelsea style hard to judge, a little too dandy maybe?

  2. World Man About Town:

    I think that Chelsea boots can be very attractive and they work well with jeans. The versions with a bit of heel are are definitely flattering.

  3. GGBridge:

    I’ve been thinking about trouser length, of late… and as both the image above & BDB comment bring to mind, what is a proper (and generally decent) trouser length these days? Should the length always kiss the bottom of your heel, regardless of trouser or jeans… or rise a finger or two from the heel… or… (is this a silly and completely subjective question?) Just curious… (It’s nice to see a bit of shoe, as in the pic above… maybe sock even?)

  4. cashmeremafia:

    The gods have spoken, they are a must have in the mans wardrobe, Tods do a rather fab pair in chestnut suede, and the Australian brand R.M Williams do some beautifully made boots, perfect for a skinny cut cord or denim. cheers

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