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May 6, 2010

  1. jeansebastienBOCK:

    very nice indeed!

    but, dear Fantastic Man team, what do you recon we wear on our feet to prevent them getting drenched?

    rain boots? (not the most elegant footwear)
    swims galoshes/overshoes? (always scared my footwear will still get drenched)
    ugly/old footwear that you don’t care get all wet? (meh… very bad)


  2. J:

    Mr Bock:

    Barefoot? I myself have no respect for clean spring-rain and I gladly let my leather shoes have some fun in it. Who cares? The only thing i’m picky about is to not pick any suede’s for the daily outfit when clouds are grey.

    As long as you don’t wade in pools of water, some drips and drops are surely healthy.

  3. lineage of influence:

    ^ To stop your feet getting wet? Quoddy grizzly boots. Or maybe a decent pair of wellies, sometimes Sartorial elegance needs to make way for practicality. On rainy days I’ve got an old pair of Vans that I wear and stick my Common Projects in my bag to change into when I get to work but that’s just me, when it’s wet outside I don’t care about what I have on my feet as long as I’m not ruining perfectly good footwear.

    As to the parka in question I think it’s quite nice. I had been thinking of getting the Rangoon jacket by Nigel Cabourn, or possibly the brilliant collaboration between Junya Watanabe and Mackintosh but I’ll look into this as I don’t think I’d mind stuffing it into a bag when I don’t have a need for it.

    Oh, It must also be noted that an umbrella helps enormously when it comes to staying dry…

  4. herb:

    a bit of an off day to put this big nosed dud as a recommendation

  5. Gert:

    We at the Fantastic Man office think that footwear, rain and style aren’t such an easy match. Forget a nice loafer or a suede desert boot. For practical reasons, a good pair of Timberlands works well, and so do army boots, perhaps. We actually love the hysterical rareness of shoe covers or overshoes – thanks for reminding us!

  6. J:

    Gert: How nice to see you in the comments section. Please continue.

  7. W:

    Living in one of Europe’s rainiest cities, staying dry without resorting to the traditional brightly coloured all-weather gear is a challenge. However, I can heartily recommend Norwegian Rain, a company that combines high-tech rain protection with old-world tailoring. Their webpage is here:

    And for your feet, a pair of boots usually does the trick. Unless it’s pouring down for hours, in which case a couple of contrast-colored Tretorn’s is perfect.

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