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April 13, 2010

  1. Serian:

    so lovely. i love the sweatshirt. i hope to see new book, quickly!

  2. Worldmanabouttown:

    Nice photo, but outside a context, is this just another sartorial nod to the 80s? Can’t wait for the next issue.

  3. Lineage of Influence:

    I thought that was Patrick Grant, he seems to be popping up in front of cameras more and more nowadays. I really must get myself to Norton and Son’s soon.

    So, are we about to see the renaissance of the humble sweatshirt? More people are talking about them (including myself) and there seems to be an increase in designers taking this old staple item on doesn’t there…

  4. Charles:

    Congrats on the new issue — look forward to receiving it

  5. jsBOCK:

    Look foward to see that new issue, as always!

    ps. i know you put A LOT of work and effort in every issues you produce (even in the newest sister publication, Gentlewoman, which is awesome), but i wonder, isn’t it starting to be a “tad” late in the spring-summer season for this new issue?

  6. Tuco:

    Originally a garment to be worn to and from the playing field, and still a garment to be worn to and from the playing field.

  7. mike:

    Looked at your new magazine (Gentlewoman)…not much interest in the females, I’m afraid….

  8. Worldmanabouttown:

    Read my article on sweat shirts and college/varsity/letterman jackets here: http://worldmanabouttown.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/the-fashion-of-sports-illustrated/

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