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March 1, 2010

  1. Serian:

    gorgeous! looks fantastic..

  2. thomas:

    looks like something the sandpeople from star wars might be wearing.

  3. Worldmanabouttown:

    I am all for suede, especially in summer, but I agree with Thomas: this looks like something that the sandpeople would wear!

    I would leave suede for desert boots. Have a look at my thoughts on this at

  4. Capstick:

    One thing very cool and trendy is help to Chile, my country. Please, donĀ“t forget about us.

  5. Mr Cheap Date:

    Fab colour. I’m loving a pale suede shoe for Spring. Should it ever arrive… Clarks and Campers ahoy.

  6. Tusken:

    I need to get some of those.

  7. Colin Chapman:

    But bizarrely similiar to the Margiela trainers from the last couple of seasons..

  8. Clarence:

    Where can I get a pair of these?

  9. Mr Cheap Date:

    Desert Boots are really the classic suede shoe as pointed out by WMAT. In “sand”. But only Clarks. So many companies have tried a variation on this shoe and none equal the design. Or value. Rigid or leather or (gawd help us) wooden soles are an absolute no. Crepe all the way. I only hope the desert boot doesn’t go “East London” (like plaid, quiffs, DMs, the deck shoe, bow ties, etc) this Spring and then immediately go high street (the “Hackney Road to H&M in hours” effect) and I can continue to snobbily and snootily stride the sidewalk safely knowing no-one’s biting MY style. That’s all lighthearted, by the way…but you see my point. I’m not a sheep! he shrieks, somewhat melodramatically.

  10. lineage of influence:

    Well they’re certainly interesting. They’re not without redeeming features – the sole unit it a work of art (but then I’m a CP fan) and the suede itself also looks fantastic and the actual colour is good too.

    I don’t like anything else about them though, but it’s all a matter of taste isn’t it. I’ll stick to more simple styles I think…

  11. cashmere marfia:

    Fantastic…. welcome back Mr Fujiwara.

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