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December 5, 2011

  1. Archie:

    I love THIS! Is it translucent like Pears or opaque and waxy like coal tar?

  2. matthew:

    It’s wonderfully transparent!

  3. Penny:

    What happens if you use it on your skin?

  4. Huck:

    I want some–their website dosen,t have it, though.
    You say it,s red, but here it looks grey!

  5. Eric Le Rouge:

    I m happy to read the comments… they are so brilliant, like the selection of those …. label things!!

  6. Eric:

    It is red, translucent and very much like Pears. It is really just a gorgeous block of Glycerine soap that while officially is for horses and saddles, is fine for your skin. I have used it as guest soap for years, the block lasts for ages although the logo wears out son enough. Don’t think it comes in a fitted orange box though, cellophane wrap and a ribbon is all you will get ( well, and a bago, of course.)

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December 31, 2014