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January 24, 2013

  1. YES:

    As in smoking? Really? Are you allowed to promote smoking – I don’t mind but then surely someone does?

  2. WELL:

    it says ‘recycled plastic’ though.

  3. R.I.P:

    I followed this daily recommendation today.

  4. Drew Beck:

    This is a beautiful pipe. $840 USD, though? It has to be a joke.

  5. Marcio March:

    so cool!


  6. Walter:

    Then is throat cancer back in?
    If so, it available at a much lower price.

  7. Mindy:

    Thermoplastics (rather than thermosets) melt with heat–I know they wanted it to be recyclable but I wouldn’t drop $800 on a pipe that could potentially deform or melt when I use it.

  8. PKOLT:

    I can understand that these guys think they’ve created an interesting object, but they really missed the price range. 800 dollars will buy you a unique, handcarved tobacco pipe, custom designed to your personal specifications if you like and made from highest quality briar. I guess these people thought their poor quality product (which I hear has casting lines showing and has a briar inlay scarcely 4 mm thick which very much insufficient) would warrant the same price with a little marketing, but I’ll take a real pipe over a plastic prop any day.

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December 31, 2014