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April 29, 2010

  1. aTreasuryOf.com:


    That bottle could make someone sea sick!

  2. GS:

    Hmm soudn good, will give it a try. As for the summer/winter fragrances, I have can’t believe anyone wearing the same all year through. I stick with the quite common Instant de Guerlain (eau de perfume) for winter and Creed’s Vetiver for summer. Rainy days are for the hard Vetiver of Etro.

  3. GS:

    I apologise for the typos above. I pressed “submit comment” too fast.

  4. annuaire gratuit:

    I’ve send this page to my fb friends. Keep this good work :)

  5. cashmere marfia:

    And it smell rather fab to.

    PS, But still will be never as good as there dórange verte

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December 31, 2014