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April 27, 2010

  1. Lineage of Influence:

    It is a lovely looking object, nice shape, great colour. I might pop to BB today to see what it actually smells like.

  2. World Man About Town:

    Stampede to Brooks Brothers!

  3. Mr Cheap Date:

    The bottle looks like something I’d keep Granny CheapDate’s ashes in. In a good way natch.

  4. Mr Cheap Date:

    Any aroma update yet, Mr ofInfluence/ Mr AboutTown? Your public awaits…

  5. Anders:

    I read that Black Fleece was nominated for a Fifi Award for Best Fragrance Packaging, which sounds like a hoot in itself. I don’t know if it actually got the award but this bottle looks great. I love grey porcelain.

  6. World Man About Town:

    I actually like the bottle. There is a certain retro-apothecary element to it.

    There is a lovely perfume shop in Havana (Cuba) called Habana 1791, where you buy the scent you want that they mix to the strength you wish and they bottle it in porcelain bottles similar to this.

  7. lineage of influence:

    I might try and get there today if work doesn’t get in the way again.

  8. World Man About Town:

    I have tried it and my veredict is not that exciting. This is part of the retro-50s, barber-scent, Mad-Men inspired scent that is just lazy, conservative and too traditional for me. It reminds me of the intention of last year’s Prada for men toappeal to a segment of the market looking for post-modern perfume varieties. I am still a fan of citrus, flower, and powerful, well-balanced scents. This was over in my skin and my appreciation in five minutes.

  9. Mr Cheap Date:

    Oh dear. How disappointing. Kind of like the fragrance version of the party leaders’ debates. Looks like it’s all about the bottle. Once again, paralleling the party leaders. Spooky! Thanks for the info Mr Town.

  10. World Man About Town:

    But Mr Cheap Date, these things are very personal, so you should try it. Not for me, though.

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December 31, 2014