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May 7, 2010

  1. Serian:


  2. World Man About Town:

    I like the styling with the denim jacket and the colours in the photo but personally I find these trousers very unflattering for men.

  3. Rex:

    The shoot seems to be missing a Staffie, a can of Stella & pram handles…chav chic indeed

  4. lineage of influence:

    Got to agree with Rex. Without sounding like the fashion police I don’t see any sartorial point in these, now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wondering around the house in them but going about your daily life? No thanks.

  5. Style Father:

    Anything in the colour blue is fine by me at the moment, but I tend to agree with WMAT- very unflattering. I have seen a lot of the drop crotch versions where I live for a few years now, but these look smarter, and may also work ”dressed-up”. Still undecided.

  6. Tuco:

    Frickin’ awesome!

  7. medicalmatters:

    utterly gorgeous.

  8. Edmondie:

    I am dying to get a pair of pants as such! Saw one like this but it’s denim at Topman!

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single general

December 31, 2014