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August 6, 2010

  1. bas:

    Very nice, love the website!

  2. matteo:

    i discovered outlier something like 2 years ago when they just started.
    ive got the workwear pants and the pivot sleeve shirt.
    they have a great 6 months return/exchange policy, cos the first time i tried…i had to exchange the size because it was too big.
    im a 30 waist and had to order a 29.
    both trousers and shirt fit nicely.
    But i only have one objection. the fabrics.
    when the items arrived, they dont look as nice as they appear on the website.
    Some fabric choices and some finishing arent so good and the fabrics are so so.
    and for those prices i would expect better quality fabrics.
    For sure its not Bartolini cotton shirting!

  3. Dns:

    Be safe and wear a helmut too!

  4. Sam:

    Outlier is great. The Merino shirts and hoodies are great for riding or for just wearing around. Kind of ridiculous how long they can go before washing. The pants are really useful too. Hoping as volume increases, prices come down a bit, but it’s worth it for well made stuff.

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December 31, 2014