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January 16, 2010

  1. john:

    if that triangle pattern were green, these would be perfect as christmas joke gifts.

  2. Capstick:

    If you want to kill the love and passion, go and buy your “Buskasi” right now!

  3. Elvis:

    Imagine living in a place with extremely cold floors. That’s my place.
    You could wear those old man slippers or something a little bit more playful!
    I know I had a pair of these stashed away somewhere in the exact colour and pattern as above. When I found them and pulled them on i remembered just how comfortable they were and how warm they can get!
    Your feet will never be happier than inside these knitted Cadilac’s!

  4. Barry Sockman:

    They are quite simply sex-on-a-stick my bemused & bewildered friends! Several pairs have found their way into my possession & the ladies just won’t leave me alone…& whatsmore, your toesies will be cosy as never before…I know what you’re thinkin’ & yes, I am a slightly camp Afghan sock salesman! But everything I say is true! Ask my many wives. Buy them now & your inner hippy will rejoice! Your inner punk will probably recoil in shame, but who cares? You’ll have warm feet!

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single general

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