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December 7, 2012

  1. Clouston:

    It’s a shame you’re suggesting people go to Ryman of all places, I suggest ‘J.Glinert’ In Hackney, London

  2. Leo:

    Clouston, stop being such a horrific snob. What a ridiculous thing to say.

  3. Yes:


  4. Kevin:

    A Bic pen? c’mon ladies.

  5. Clouston:

    Leo: It’s not me being snobby, you’ll pay no more for it, and see more products that have been styled in the same way that Fantastic Man have here, go there and meet Tom the owner, maybe you’ll understand the difference and realise that it is far from snobbery.

  6. Augustuzs:

    The clip is good but the pen… C’mon ladies (2)

  7. David Lilja:

    C’mon! Perfect Pen.

  8. size:

    my pen is huge

  9. Sil:

    Stick a rose in it!

  10. Cristal Ball Point:

    this pen i real classic so saying it isnt appropriate in this photo or styling is strange to say. its design is of pure functionality and its good in use. other ballpoint pens ar just a decorated version of this pure form of a ballpoint pen.

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single general

December 31, 2014