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July 3, 2012

  1. Charles:

    The astonishing thing is how long shorts are relative to the height of most of their wearers. Most shorts now seem to hit at or below the knee on men of average height (which used to be considered a specialty, “Bermuda” length, I vaguely recall). It’s a fine look in plus fours (or two’s) for shooting, but otherwise . . . inseams of 9″/23cm or shorter seem much more flattering.

  2. GG Bridge:

    Unless you run marathons, or practice lunges on a daily basis, I don’t mind a bit of length in shorts. Not below the knee, just comfortable. (I’m quite thin… wearing the above shorts would look awkward…)

  3. Peter:

    Not one to gripe, but when you show off something, why not provide a direct link to that item? I cannot find this pair of shorts anywhere on TH’s site!

    I gave up trying to find it.

  4. Jesús:

    Great post! Just one question, Where Can I buy them? Do you know it? In Hilfiger corporate web sites I can’t find them. Thank you very much!

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December 31, 2014