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June 23, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    Very nice. I quite liked the trenchcoats and what looks like a knitted blazer (slide 33 on Does this mean that GF are over the bankruptcy announced in February?

  2. Charles:

    Interesting. The blue confection to which you link is very nice. But not the floppy peasant hats and the sloppy-looking, unbuttoned, double-breasted jackets. The pants seem fairly baggy throughout (with a few exceptions, including the blue ensemble), which is not a good look to have come back (yes, tight pants have gone about as far as they can, but let’s not overcorrect) — especially with a more fitted jacket, as is shown in a couple of frames.

    But why no credit to the designers — presumably Mr. Roberto Rimondi and Mr. Tommaso Aquilano pictured at the end of the show on

    Thanks for sharing, and definitely think you found the best “number” in the collection with your link.

  3. Jeremy:

    Loved the show, there were definitely some similarities to YSL’s spring 2007 collection, which I still lust after.

  4. Lisa Guest:

    The appeal seems to cut across age barriers – – my male friends of all walks of life love the collection. It is rare that ALL appreciate anything these days, I find it hopeful.

  5. Mrs.Mo:

    Are we into ‘louche’ now? Interesting. Cute shoes. Smart pick Gert! And by the way, I am all for some overcompensating on all those ‘jeggings’.

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