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November 30, 2009


    Sir, I am skeptical.

    And if you have to use mineral oil to make it not so disastrous anyways, then that, more or less, is your cream.

    But each man’s skin and beard is very different so…to each his own!

  2. ignacio:

    Andrew is right… I allways shave under a hot shower it is the best

  3. Milan T:

    I agree with the one above. I don’t know if I want to risk this one.

  4. Jeremy:

    I shaved recently without cream because I ran out and didn’t have the time to refill. I used a nice sharp blade and smeared a bit of soap on my face… The job got done. I go to a Dominican barber for my fade, they only use a fresh blade and water to clean me up. It’s totally plausible, but, I don’t have their talent with a razor and until I do cream will be a part of the process.

  5. JDB:

    Just tried this and IT WORKS. It works really good and the fastest shave I’ve ever had. I’ve got a medium beard. Used a tiny dab of almond oil (unrefined) before. Just rubbed it between my palms and massaged it into my face. Sure virg olive oil or unrefined sesame would be just as good.
    About ten years ago Aveda had come out with a shaving balm that was beyond excellent. It was incredible. But no foam, so it just didn’t sell, but it did basically the same thing as my dab of almond oil which helps if you have dry skin like me. Will try it next week sans oil. Great tip! Thanks FM!

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December 31, 2014