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February 20, 2010

  1. Michael K:

    Paul Smith at 23 Avery Row, London, W1.
    A fine selection of the previous season’s formal and casual wear.
    You may find a bargain pair of shoes too (and not just in the standard sample size of 8)

  2. ray ray:

    according to my friend who works in the fashion industry here, companies often make products just for the outlet market which are considerably cheaper and of lesser quality than that which they would have in stores (and which were never meant to be stocked in stores). the whole atmosphere of an outlet is rather strange as well, where even things not really marked down are treated as must-haves. a twisted sort of mentality, i think.

  3. Worldmanabouttown:

    Sawgrass Mills in Florida is pretty good.

  4. charlie:

    A real treat of an outlet store is to be found on the drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. It’s called DESERT HILLS, and has branches of PRADA, RALPH LAUREN, YVES SAINT LAURENT, etcetc. I’m sure there may be some truth in what the previous poster RAY RAY says, but when I visited DESERT HILLS I definitely recognised old seasons clothes within the outlet selection, especially at PRADA. The great joy of visiting DESERT HILLS is the knowledge that Palm Springs is not far away. I stayed at the PARKER PALM SPRINGS, though now of course there is the fabulous new ACE hotel in Palm Springs to visit.

    Here’s the DESERT HILLS website:

  5. The North briton:

    I don’t live far from Barbour, anybody making the trip (I guess there aren’t many of you living around here) is welcome to mine for coffee. That outlet is well worth the trip, lots of great samples and cuts that don’t make it to the shops.

  6. Franciscan:

    Jeremy’s, in the design oriented South Park neighborhood of San Francisco, offers a fairly wide range of clothing at (very) marked down prices. Everything from Loomstate denim to Prada shoes.

  7. Mr Cheap Date:

    As TNB rightly says, Barbour is full of samples and one-offs. Good to see another North East dweller on here by the way.
    The trick with outlets I think is to go during the week rather than brave the mental jumble sale atmos and potential parking perils that could hamper a weekend trip. Avoid close to Christmas too. They are always going to be hit and miss, but always worth a try.
    Bicester (near Oxford) has Brooks Brothers, Bill Amberg, Marni, Aquascutum etc etc…

  8. Charles:

    Barbour, Partridge, some Le Chameau, and good ski clothing (and gear) can be found at excellent discounts at
    Best outlet stores near New York City would be Woodbury Common at the Harriman exit off the New York State Thruway about an hour north and a bit west of Manhattan (Loro Piana, Chanel, Gucci, Etro, Zegna, Ferragamo, Malo, Tod’s, Neiman Marcus Last Call — which gets Bergdorf markdowns, etc. etc.).
    In Tuscany, The Mall about 45 mins. south of Florence gets wonderful clothes that often aren’t available outside of Italy (Pucci, Loro Piana, Gucci, Zegna, Ferragamo, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Armani, Tod’s, etc.).
    And of course there is the pleasure of, for sample-sale prices on designer goods ranging from quirky to megabrand.

  9. charlie:

    An outlet store well worth visiting is DESERT HILLS, which can be found on the drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. It has stores from PRADA, RALPH LAUREN, YVES SAINT LAURENT etc, and the most exciting thing about the visit is that you know that once you’re there, you know you’re not far from your fabulous final destination. I went a few years ago, on the way to stay at the PARKER PALM SPRINGS, though obviously one would now be heading for the ACE HOTEL that has opened in that town in the desert.

  10. david:

    Stock sales are good in Antwerp but any other suggestions for outlet shopping in the Belgium / Holland / Benelux areas?

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