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May 12, 2010

  1. Tuco:

    If it’s funny looking sandals you want try making your own.

  2. edgar:

    That’s A LOT of LOOK.

    Also…someone might get fired…

  3. charlie:

    Apologies for the gremlins in comments this morning – we’ve reset to the old format while we work it out – your thoughts on these delicious creations are most welcome – Charlie from Fantastic Man

  4. Denny:

    We feel deeply sorry for the inconveniences regarding comments this morning. The issue is fixed now, and all lost replies will be recovered within the hour. — Regards, Denny from Fantastic Man

  5. Rob:


  6. Paul Durcan:

    No, no, no!

  7. World Man About Town:

    These are so ugly!

  8. charlie:

    Whatever you think of the sandals, the socks are total stunners – highly recommended as an alternative to slippers…


    love it_is Bernhard :)

  10. ryan:

    so far, three days of awful looking sandals. please let today’s laugh out loud atrocity be the last of these footwear posts…

  11. lineage of influence:

    Because I’m a contrairy sod I quite like these. I wouldn’t ever wear them but at least they’re interesting.

    Labour and Wait’s socks are great, but then it’s a wicked little shop full stop.

  12. Hiljá:

    Nice nice nice!

  13. World Man About Town:

    Yes, I like the socks. :-)

  14. peter:

    great pedicure by WAH NAILS…the rest i can do without….

  15. charlie:

    Ryan, Paul, hold your horses: tomorrow I do believe SANDALS WEEK takes a turn towards the sober…

  16. Secret Photographer:

    There is no excuse for these sandals. My eyes hurt.

  17. Josh:


  18. World Man About Town:

    Coincidentally, i have been writing an article on men’s sandals for my blog for the last couple of week. This has provided even more examples and inspiration. Thank you!

  19. Randall:

    I love socks and these sandals put socks on a pedestal. Plus I have loden green socks from Banana Republic ($2.99 sale table) that would surely cause people to do a double take.

    I could see myself occasionally replacing the green rope with a narrow orange Y3 webbing belt I have no idea what to do with or silk ribbon for evening.

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