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May 11, 2010

  1. christopher B:

    hmmm not a fan…

  2. World Man About Town:

    Too much…

  3. al london:

    why not tattoo fashion victim on your forehead and be over and done with it

  4. charlie:

    you’re all dead wrong – these are fierce (this is Charlie from Fantastic Man by the way)

  5. edgar:

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! so CUTE!

  6. charlie:

    Just read back yesterday’s comments – this sandal-phobia is such an alien world to me. Pale legs, skinny legs, who cares? Feet and legs are boned and jointed and odd looking for obvious reasons. That doesn’t mean they should then be covered up. If I could I’d wear sandals every day…

  7. lineage of influence:

    Charlie gets ‘fashionista points’ for use of the word fierce.

  8. charlie:

    no thanks – hate the word fashionista – fierce is just fierce

  9. jack:

    urgh. these are really gross.

  10. Magnus:

    I like the shadow hands!

  11. lineage of influence:

    Well I’ll take my fashionista points back then and give them to someone at Star magazine…

    Anyhow, In much the same way that you think being anti-sandal is alien, I think there are as many that consider embracing it just as strange, I’m certainly one of them.

    Personally I just don’t get them, more power to you if you do but I’m much more comfortable in a pair of canvas trainers than I would be in sandals. Plus I don’t actually find sandals comfortable and neither do I feel they work in the way I dress. Oh and then there’s that whole ‘Geography teacher’ thing that I think has scarred me from my earlier years – Mr Sanderson in sandals and socks (with holes in) and bad toes was never nice.

    So school me on sandals. Maybe by the end of your sandal week I’ll have shed this awful phobia I seem to be enveloped in and see something I actually like and want to try? Who knows…

    This is the busiest your comments section has been for ages.

  12. matteo:

    fierce is the manicure from wah nails! did sharmadeen do it herself in person?
    i wish i could get a pedicure at wah nails and my weave fixed at the same time!
    i prefer birkenstock , they are much more comfortable.

  13. Local Boy At Home:

    I was hoping for some Sesame-oil, but hey, sandals again.

  14. al london:

    Charlie, there is nothing wrong with sandals! It’s just this pair that screamsfashion victim.

    Try these for a classic sandal: with or without a sock these will look good on anyone.

    There is a fine line between fantastic and fashion victim and today you’ve lost sight of that line, sorry.

  15. Josh:

    shadow hands A++

  16. christopher b:

    ‘Man in sandals’ isn’t such a great look, especially not overly embellished ‘designer’ sandals. Surely flip flops and jeans would have looked more stylish and less pretentious? Doesn’t this whole look just look ‘fierce’-ly gay?

  17. Davidikus:

    Not a fan of sandals at all… Lanvin is a great brand & I would wear most of what is in their shop, with the exception of sandals & Birkenstock and clogs.

  18. Jeremy:

    On the subject of men’s legs. I think more often than not we men have nicer legs than our female counterparts and we should take advantage of this blessing . It’s one of the few things I look forward to as the unbearably hot NY summer encroaches. Personally I adore strap sandals because they are the closest to bare feet as you can get. I am a minimalist, less is always more.

    But these sandals are a lot of fun. My only qualm is that for how much they cost (and we all know Lanvin is not cheap) they may quickly tire out the wearer. I think that is what some of the comments mean by “fashion victim”. I can’t reasonably suggest someone spend so much funds on an item that could very well lose its appeal by next summer.

    Charlie, I do have a sandal suggestion that I think you will appreciate. I going to send it to the daily e-mail addy.

  19. Rob:

    Like Charlie I’m a big fan of sandals, though I can completely (unfortunately…) get the picture that Lineage sketches of Mr. Sanderson. These pair does not particularly appeal to me, yesterdays pair does. I think that the above discussion shows that ‘like’ or ‘not like’ are defined by processes more than ‘fashion’, ’style’ or ‘comfort’. It’s often defined by the sub-concious of how we want to be perceived by the other and our own self-image. Do we think we look sexy in these sandals and (perhaps more important) do we think that other people think that too? Sometimes we think ‘Fuck the others’ and wear things just for ourselves, other times we dress-to-impress. Both are fun and fierce!

  20. charlie:

    Matteo, hold you breath, you never know what will appear in SANDALS WEEK

    Local Boy At Home, it’s SANDALS WEEK, not SESAME OIL WEEK…

    see you all tomorrow…

  21. Adrian:

    I kinda like them – but not with those pair of jeans.
    thinking of a very loose short black pair of pants that reach above the knee.

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