Rotation: All of us will learn

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October 4, 2013

  1. Rob:


  2. Dickie:


  3. wilfried:


  4. Old-school:

    He’s very good. But the “robot” he demonstrates here was something that rose to popularity back in the early 1980’s in the land of Rick James et al. It may be akin to ballet, but it comes out of disco and funk.

  5. Vacotto:

    Which one is the robot?

  6. Alien7:

    Where credit is due, Shields and Yarnell (YouTube them) were really the ones who fostered the “robot” dance movements in “Locking” and later in “Pop-locking” forms of dance. as Old School says Ballet not so much. The has some nice movements, pleasant to watch.

  7. dansell:

    what’s the song in the videos?

  8. Eloisa:

    I am in love with these videos! The concept, soundtrack, movement and apparel – a stunning combination that works.

  9. Peter:

    You guys are the cutting edge.

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December 31, 2014