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January 14, 2010

  1. bas:

    If only I had the money….

  2. Kin:

    I’m hoping there will still be some left come sales time – probably not. So amazing.

  3. Beha:

    It sure is a lovely collection of knitwear, but with a $ 2500+ price tag I sure could find more interesting knitwear.

  4. Nueve Musas:

    They retail for $2,760, and indeed that is quite the chunk of change for a sweater knit, no matter the yarn or the knit structure. It’s counter-intuitive to think the Rodarte aesthetic would appeal to the menswear market, but exclusivity and conspicuous consumption have always been selling points. These are very conspicuous. Personally I like it better on the boys than the womenfolk. If this does well, and it sounds like it is, I’ll be anxious to see what other crossovers they might cook up.

  5. mister:

    Beha – if you could spend $2500, what knitwear would you buy?

  6. youhavebeenheresometime:

    wow, the rodarte sisters continue to put it out. kinda digging this more for men than women too. something clicked about this, not that i have 2700 to spend on a sweater. not even close.

  7. dresses:

    Hack again?!

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single general

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