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January 16, 2014

  1. Thomas:

    Thank you but no, this does not match my ideal of masuline elegance – not to mention couture de daily grind.

  2. Ralph:

    Thomas, you are wrong. This was the most exciting show in years.

  3. David:

    Thankfully Raf Simons challenges our outdated views on masculinity over and over again in his shows. I thought this was an excellent showing for these two artists. Very radical with some beautiful references also to his earlier shows.

  4. PĆ¼nktchen:

    I thought is was reaallly interesting. Also i liked that both stepped out and hugged each other.

  5. Dickie:

    Well, thank God for this! Truly fabulous.

  6. R:

    this was one of the best shows i have seen in my entire 28 years living. nowadays you see a lot of the same things but in a different way each time and each season, they try to push it a bit further maybe a lil to a different direction. But this collection is beyond.. I would call it an intelligent collection concerning all design techniques. This makes me wanna be even more man…ugh. I am so jealous of all men.

  7. Luis:

    For me the show was a little bit boring. He’s turn menswear in couture wear in these days , a good point.

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December 31, 2014