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April 30, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    My best find was a beautiful grey Yohji Yamamoto jacket in a charity shop in Marylebone, London, great condition, perfect size and no need of alterations.

  2. Mr Cheap Date:

    Amazing find, Mr AboutTown!
    My top buys from charity shops / car boot sales over the years were probs:-
    Robert Mapplethorpe book of photography, Gilbert & George, Warhol and Hockney books,
    “The Smiths” – an Italian book of sketches and lyrics of Mozzer and chums
    Prada dotty shirt
    Prada not dotty shoes – a solid lace-up.
    Helmut Lang sand coloured shirt
    and the token LP “Pumping Iron” The Soundtrack, without which a visit to a car boot sale would not be complete. Nothing better than a bargain…

  3. Thomas:

    I scored a vintage Pringle crewneck jumper for 1 euro. The rain isn’t making Queensday in Amsterdam easy.

  4. arthur:

    if i could get the first few issues of fantastic man, that’d be a fantastic find. alternately, please use this as my request for reprinting them individually or in bound form. happy queensday

  5. jeansebastienBOCK:

    i was so happy to visit Amsterdam for the first time on Queen’s Day. the city was enourmously crowded, but it still looked amazing! Oh, and of course, i bought my fantastic man numéro eleven in its hometown!

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