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April 14, 2010

  1. Worldmanabouttown:

    Vetiver seems to be making a huge comeback for most fragrance makers, although I admit that it is not my favourite scent. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a revival of the strong citrus and flower based ones of the 90s. CK One, anyone?

  2. Mr Cheap Date:

    Even Mr Ford is at it. Guerlain does a not bad vetiver? Scents are pretty personal. The worst situation is if you have a favourite which your partner cannot stand. Or vice versa. Extensive research by myself (ie, my 3 friends) has shown Terre by Hermes is fairly universally popular. The one I cannot stick is that Eau D’Issey. Mingin’. Or anything with “Sport” tagged on to the name. Sorry…rant over…

  3. lineage of influence:

    It’s all about YSL M7.

  4. Michael K:

    I fully agree on your comments regarding the SPORT suffix. A sure sign of a bland fragrance designed for a quick buck (or euro)
    I’ll be sure to sample Terre d’Hermes next time I visit my local neighbourhood fragrance emporium. It sounds promising.

  5. mike:

    try smelling vetiver on its own, that is pure hell.

  6. Randall:

    Beautiful, will check this out soon. Hermes Vetiver Tonka from the Hermessence line is a favorite. Softer than Terre d’Hermes.

  7. Mr Cheap Date:

    In London Village, Dover Street Market is great for Comme stuff (obviously). Liberty always have a good selection too. Byredo’s fragrances are killer. Overdo the fragrance and you end up smelling like the proverbial “Joan Collins’ knicker drawer / whore’s handbag”, though, so, you know, spray carefully, fantastic people. “Just them wrists and behind them ears” a great sage who knew his onions once said to me.

  8. Worldmanabouttown:

    I agree with Mr Cheap Date’s wise words about the word ‘sport’ in perfumes (sorry, but I just don’t buy the British pseudo-macho attitude of calleing the after-shaves…). I was very disappointed with the Sport version of the latest Dior (one of my favourites, especially for winter), which was just Dior’s Dune repackaged for a new generation.

    And a good perfume lasts hours. You certainly don’t need to apply it all over; just a few sprays behind the ears and neck and wrists is plenty.

    As for vetiver, it’s probably the last one on my list… My favourite? Too personal to reveal (and to advertise for free).

  9. Soho Chap:

    Vetiver is one of my all time favourite perfume ingredients. From the soapy clean to the downright dry and dirty it is a very versatile note.

    Haven’t smelled the Prada so can’t comment. I would suggest trying Lubin’s Vetiver – fantastic bottle, packaging and a classy French man’s scent. For a more modern and edgy version I would suggest Fat electrician by Etat Libre d’Orange, the bonkers Paris based perfume house (just avoid Sécrétions Magnifiques in their range – a truly horrible perfume!). Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver is very well done and an excellent, clean, office / business style fragrance.

    I find Vetiver more of a cold weather scent, this time of year I am drawn to citrus, woods, leather and musks. Currently wearing Molecule 01, Jo Malone’s Amber & Lavender, and two classics – Eau d’Hermes and Bandit by Robert Piguet…

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