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June 21, 2010

  1. edgar:

    so CUTE! Especially with the shorts…and HELLO, there is finally an alternative to creepers! If only Jon Cryer (DUCKIE) could do a campaign!

  2. bas:

    or just go to! (with sound)

  3. World Man About Town:

    A collection of strong opposites: the suits look uncomfortably skinny but the casual/resort(ey) pieces are great! What is Ms Prada trying to say about the corporate, formal world?

  4. charlie:

    I thought the whole collection was just extraordinary – it did that great thing of setting a shape first, then throwing in something unexpected. When the first top came out in the faded denim, it was masterful. And then that finale run of lovely sweaters… a total hit

  5. lineage of influence:

    I think the whole collection’s fantastic, very assured and, well just fantastic basically.

  6. Rob:

    I totally agree with the gentlemen above! First D&G, now Prada and Bottega Veneta with very strong collections! There’s something going on here…

  7. lineage of influence:

    I’ve been really impressed with the Jill Sander collection too (put some images on my blog today). Like you say there are some very strong collections for next spring/summer, hopefully it’ll continue!

  8. Jeremy:

    A fantastic collection, loved the slit neckline, the utilitarian denim, the blues, the roomy shorts, the overall cleanliness, and of course the platforms, or sporty creepers you could say. It looks new and familiar (reminds me a tiny bit of CDG, actually). While it seems like everyone else in Milan has looked back at old school Armani there’s been a separate thread developing at Jil Sander and now here: the opaqueness, the brights, the stripes, the graphic contrast, the pop and the fun. hmmmmmm….

  9. World Man About Town:

    I found Dolce & Gabbana very derivative and lacking in originality. So far, and for me, Bottega Veneta was by far the most accomplished, with Raf Simons for Jil Sander a close second, and Prada (excluding the suits) as a strong contender too.

  10. World Man About Town:

    By the way, here are some thoughts on the Milan shows:

  11. annuaire gratuit:

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