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February 3, 2010

  1. Adam:

    I subscribe wholeheartedly to the views expressed in this recommendation. Well done Mr. Pallett!

    For those unfamiliar with his work and are excited by what they hear as a result of this recommendation, may I suggest his back catalogue as Final Fantasy is more than amply augmented by his compositional work for Arcade Fire, the Hidden Cameras, The Last Shadow Puppets and latterly the Pet Shop Boys. A busy, talented, fantastic man!!

  2. ACertainSomeone:

    I saw Owen play live in San Francisco a few weeks ago and I couldn’t agree more. He’s a huge talent and definitely worth listening to again and again…

  3. 1%:

    a profile/interview on the printed edition is next, right?
    anyway, owen pallett/heartland=♥. spread the word

  4. Mari V:

    A strong contender for the title of Most Talented Man in Canadian Music. O_o

    Excellent rec.!

  5. JAMES.:

    I have been listening to this for weeks and cannot stop. He is an insane talent. Once you listen to this you may forget every other piece of music you own.

  6. Joshua:

    he just wound up retweeting this..

    is he that fantastic? he bathes in his vanity more than anyone i know?

  7. Alea:

    Yeah I pretty much want to marry him. I was going to see him in Vancouver a few months ago but he was sick, it would’ve been an amazing show though.

  8. deidre:

    the most talented man in canadian music was and is glenn gould. this guy is not even close.

  9. Sam Wood:

    @James I couldn’t agree more. He is the only performer I have ever seen twice.

    @Joshua Isn’t that the point?

  10. chettie:

    after checking out his music on this recommendation, i would have to say it is bollocks. the above posts must have been written by owen himself or his PR folks, because the music is as run of the mill as any so-called independent “musician”

  11. Bobby:

    I think its great music for people who haven’t yet been blown away by Van Dyke Parks or Arthur Russell.
    That being said, it does SOUND incredible. (Production-wise) For that you must give credit to Rusty Santos, singer of the band The Present and Animal Collective producer.

  12. Lucy:

    Re; Chettie:

    You either don’t know much about music or just like to seem pretentious and act like you’re smarter than people with different tastes than yours. The man tears up the electric violin with speed and technique. He accompanies himself by recording the different parts on a loop pedal, with abstract lyrics and psychadelic influences. He is a one man band all at once playing several parts. Calling him “run of the mill” is completely absurd. It takes an insane amount of talent and originality to do what he does.

    If you don’t like it, that’s fair, just say it’s not your thing. I will never understand the impulse of internet trolls to go around seeking out people with different taste than your own, for the specific purpose of telling them their taste is wrong in order to pretend to be the smartest little boy in the room. How tiresome.

  13. Demarcus Kohm:

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