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March 8, 2010

  1. edgar:

    no….just no. unless to attend that annual tea party at the barn then Y-E-S-!

  2. Serian:

    i can’t click.;;;;

  3. matt:

    Click on the image!

  4. Style Salvage Steve:

    I usually tend to avoid overalls unless I’m doing a spot of paint sploshing but these looks are as fresh as a bright March morning. I might just give this a try. Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration.

  5. arnold:

    Really love the dungerees reminds me of these guys work
    pretty exciting time for menswear

  6. The Urban Naturalist:

    Too many ‘flashbacks’ of mid-90’s ‘overalls with one clip left hanging’ fad. Especially when accompanied by a tie-dyed undershirt.

  7. jimjam:

    I like them, think they’re great in fact, but I’d take off the tie and try for a more interestingly coloured shirt first

  8. Worldmanabouttown:

    I am surprising myself by being drawn to this look. Very Dexy’s Midnight Runners channeling hot dry summers in the city…

  9. Gordon:

    Seriously. Does no one remember the early 90s and kris kros and marky mark wearing these things around. it lasted maybe a month. Unless you are a pre-pubescent girl wearing overalls cut into shorts, this look doesn’t work. Everyone posting saying they like this, go to the sink and splash some cold reality on yer faces and come back and look again.

  10. Sean:

    Love the blue denim ones, very classic. I have a few pair.


    Can’t agree with this one. It’s too soon for a revival and it doesn’t look modern enough for me

  12. No Underwear with Ovies!:

    Although, I’m not a really good looking dude like these guys. But, I do enjoy wearing my bib overalls. I’m of course dissappointed that most aren’t made in this country anymore. But, I’ll still wear’em anyway! AND NEVER WITH UNDERWEAR UNLESS IT’S WINTERTIME.

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December 31, 2014