No. 17


The beard: a symbol of wisdom and virility. That must mean that many men these days are exceptionally wise and virile! For the current issue of Fantastic Man six former beard-lovers shave it all off. Facebook  Twitter

  1. Sean:

    Thank god if this signals the end of the ubiquitous beard trend

  2. Haitze:

    yes please! so over beards. back to the face:) first make sure you have a jawline still though;)

  3. August:

    Yes. Enough with the beards. They look horrible.

  4. Paul:

    Grown quite fond of mine, I’ll be keeping it thanks.

  5. Ed:


  6. Richard:

    What a horror issue… now I can’t sleep tonight!

  7. Dario:

    I like. I like, I like….

  8. GG Bridge:

    I’m with Paul… (what’s with all the haterade?)

  9. Rachel:


  10. Augustuzs:

    Is Gillette sponsoring FM?

  11. Robert:

    Yawn, and who cares.

  12. Benjamin:

    Only men can have beard.

  13. George:

    Long live the beard! Whether it’s ’100 beards’ or a feature in FM on shaving the beard…I want more please. Hopefully these boys can grow them back again quickly…

  14. Riley:

    They looked better with the beard….LONG LIVE BEARDS!! Love ‘em.

  15. Namy:

    // A beard isn’t a trend, it’s a part of the male face, which western hetero corporate society has issues with // Like a hat or sunglasses, it can make you look better, if your lucky // ;)

  16. beard love:

    I’m thinking of shaving my beard off, after 15 years, just because of this repetitive trend.

  17. Eric Lundt:

    Nothing better than to look like yourself rather than everyone else. Beards half mask your face.

  18. P.ING.-:

    I love my barely-new beard. But, in order to not to feel old at the mirror, is important to CHANGE every three or four years.

  19. Badger:

    The difference between style and fashion is that style is permanent, and fashion is temporary – if a beard suits a man’s style, if he just plain looks better with one, why should he shave it off to suit the whims of mere fashion?

  20. Cubster:

    Calm down, I just saw Christopher with his ever-thick beard yesterday, riding his bikes. thank god for photoshop. beards are here to stay, for now.

  21. lordrushbrooke:

    Personally, I like the ‘half-and-half’ beard/bareface in your your photgraraphs. It so aptly captures the Zeitgeist.

  22. Carlos:

    I have had a beard for 12 years. I shave it off from time to time to feel the sunlight in my face….but I always miss it after a day or two. I agree with some of the comments here. A beard is part of a man’s face and I am happy that it has made a comeback in the past few years. If it looks good, keep it.

  23. Pedro JL:

    My goodness!! Now that I decided to grow my infamous beard you publish an article like this. At least everyone, from my wife to all my (girl)friends, keep saying it looks fantastic (man)! :-)

  24. Bob:

    I think both guys above look much sexier with beards and in fact most men look better with beards. I am thrilled about the beard trend and hope it goes on for quite a long time! :-)~

  25. Luke:

    I grew my first beard when I was 19, back in 1993 when beards were decidedly not cool. A rabbi/lawyer from New York told me, “Luke, you grew a beard. You look better!” I’ve always taken those words to heart.




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