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September 9, 2011

  1. Brigitte Fromknecht:

    David copperfield is really awesome. I have admired him for many years. He is by far the best.
    His magic is very moving. He makes me laugh and smile and he makes me cry.
    Way to go David.

  2. Linda Crane:

    Love it…

  3. Pearly:

    Absolutely & Definitely Fantastic!. The man who can, does, and make things happen. “Nothing is impossible” says David Copperfield, a wise man. In 2011, David Copperfield currently & exclusively performs at the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand Casino & Hotel in Vegas. The best illusionist of our time in the whole wide world ever.

    – Nominated 38 times for Emmy Awards and has won 21 times.
    – Received a Living Legend Award from the Library of Congress.
    – First living magician to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    – Knighted by the French government, receiving the Chevalier of Arts and Letters, the first one ever awarded to a magician.
    – Named “Magician of the Year” in 1980 and 1987 by the Academy of Magical Arts.
    – Forbes’s “The Celebrity 100” for 2009 ranks Copperfield as the 80th most powerful celebrity, with earnings of $30 million.

  4. jj:

    The last person I’d ever imagine looking up to sartorially, past or present. First Beckham, now him. Come on FM! C +

  5. Theo Odore:

    David Copperfield? Really? The man’s a slob first and an arrogant creep second. Epic fail FM. Epic.

  6. Kelly:

    David Copperfield is one of the truly great, classic entertainers of our time; a man of genuine style and grace. Applause to him and FM!

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