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March 28, 2011

  1. World Man About Town:

    Fantastic (in more ways than one)! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  2. horst:

    can’t wait to hold the little baby in my hands

  3. dan:

    very nice photo, great

  4. Alexander:

    Bi-winning, indeed!

  5. The Haaksman:

    You gotta be kidding

  6. Pedro:

    Pardon my sincerity but both magazines are becoming ridiculously commercial and boring. The original spirit behind Fantastic Man has disappeared for quite some time and I can’t bear anymore the bore photography of Alasdair Mclellan! Please get rid of him asap!

  7. Bolaji:

    Ironic that this issue is still not available in England as of this morning.
    Wondering if you might have anything new to say about the overexposed Mr. Beckham.

  8. Archie:

    On the contrary, its the mundane photography that makes the tattooed one look so uncommonly great. Who would your prefer? Mario Testino?

  9. boris:

    Bryan Ferry and now Beckham. Boring and safe – the magazine’s not what it used to be…

  10. Pedro:

    @ARCHIE: Not Testino either, I don’t think he fits the magazine aesthetic.

    I would like to see a cover accompanied by a well written profile on a fashion designer as Fantastic Man did brilliantly in the past (Giles Deacon, Stefano Pilati, Helmut Lang, …), not this kind of uninteresting subjects…
    I’m a loyal collector of this magazine, since the first issue, but it seems to me that I will not buy this issue.

  11. Archie:

    It’s simply a question of what you’re interested in, isn’t it? If they ran non-stop fashion designer profiles, they’d be accused of myopic insider-ism, Industrie magazine -style. And nobody wants that, do they?

  12. blake:

    the photo of bryan ferry in the last issue looked absolutely horrid. this one of becks is brilliant. as for the content of fantastic man- sure, it’s not been that great especially last issue’s waste of space fashion “show”, but have you seen the crap that they publish in gentlewoman? it’s like they don’t give a toss, just taking some pics, writing a few words.. if fantastic man became like that, it wouldn’t even be good enough to pick up dog shit with.

  13. Pedro:

    This used to be a fashion magazine with relevant stories and characters, not anymore (same happened with the premature gentlewoman). Sadly the editors have to use celebrities in order to sell. Sorry but I’m not buying this!

  14. Fernando:

    I think the cover looks great. And I disagree with you Pedro, actually Beckham on the cover of Fantastic Man is more of a surprise than boring. It would be boring if he posed for GQ in a standard photoshoot, but a Beckham for Fanastic Man makes things much more interesting :) And the blue in the cover is fascinating !

  15. Bolaji:

    Very well-articulated opinion about Fantastic Man’s ‘wobble’ in last issue.
    ‘Padding’ is what we call it in the newsgathering trade. I would rather the pages were printed blank. That way, at least they’d be useful for later. Please anyone know where one can find the Beckham cover to buy in London?

  16. Nathan:

    I have collected this magazine since the first issue and am (like PEDRO) not going to bother buying it any longer. Such a shame as this was one of the better magazines on the market. Fantastic Man is now way too commercial.

  17. THE FOX:

    I think it’s fabulous that FM can accommodate both David Beckham and Wolfgang Tillmans (#11) on its cover.
    Can’t wait to find out who wrote the profile on D.B. (who I’m personally not a fan of at all)…

  18. Jay:

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. Certainly Beckham is a controversial choice, but if you click on the cover in the website’s side bar you can preview the story as well as the rest of the issue. Beckham is given the treatment you’d expect from FM and it looks quite fresh. Honestly, I probably will never read the feature as I find him to be the most uninteresting man on earth, but the story on Peter Eleey, Michael Stipe, Joerg Koch, and Chis Dercon will be good reads I imagine. Just from the preview it looks to a fantastic issue, let’s not get too agrivated over just a cover.

  19. Mike:

    my partner and i were discussing how fantastic man has been going downhill for quite some time, but we have kept buying them. i think that if it weren’t for this hot pic of the bespectacled becks on the cover, i would probably give it a miss. now if the next issue has some god awful shot on the cover as they did to insult bryan ferry…

  20. Von Lmo:

    This magazine has become rubbish. Why not just sell out to Rupert Murdock & be done w it.

  21. george:

    saw the new issue, looked through it and put it back down on the shelf. fantastic man is dead. probably you can thank the advertisers for putting the nail in its coffin. thanks for nothing, sellouts- you turned your back on your magazine, destroyed its essence of whimsy, fun and good looks and made it as contemptible as any other rag catering to men for the purpose of selling this season’s fashions.

  22. kane:

    saw michael stipe once at the paul smith store in new york. he was one of the most arrogant pricks. the salesperson followed him around like a lapdog carrying his clothes selections. stipe’s female friend, some haggard old bag, also exuded arrogance when i happened to walk in the room looking at the stuff. as they were blocking me and standing steadfast, i edged them aside, which they were clearly not used to.

  23. boris:

    Fantastic Man RIP

  24. No more FM:

    This is the first issue of Fantastic Man which I could not bring myself to buy since Issue 3 (my first issue). I bought the last issue with the god awful photo of Bryan Ferry on the cover- the only redeeming part was a sort of interview with Ai Weiwei…

  25. anthony lam:

    i think the cover looks great and i love the styling as well.
    on a different note, does anyone knows what is the brand of the glasses Beckham is wearing on the cover?

  26. Glenn:

    Can anyone tell me the brand name of those spectacular specs?

  27. Feras:

    What is the brand of these glasses?

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