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November 24, 2010

  1. World Man About Town:

    The photos in ‘The Daily Recommendation’ just keep getting better! Well done!

  2. Istanbulboy:

    I can’t agree more, WMAT! The photos alone are worth checking the website every day!…


  3. Zef:

    Brylcreem, use it every day, and more than a little dab’ll do me!

  4. Joshua:

    It may look slick and the product may even carry one of the nicer smells. Still, in my opinion, Brylcreem is a nasty substance made of chemicals that won’t do anyones scalp any good in the long run. Not implying it may leave you boldheaded in no-time, I am a follower of what my (bold) hairdresser keeps telling me: don’t use it, for I have!

  5. AW:

    My father made me use this product from the time I was 15 , it conditions the hair .

    I have a very traditional haircut and I am proud of that .

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December 31, 2014