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January 4, 2010

  1. Clinton C.:

    I like the minimalist trend here, good picture as well.

  2. Edmondie:

    How I wish I could be spoilt for “too many choices”!

  3. Nueve Musas:

    That book is fantastic, so many nuggets of inspiration and such a little discussed niche in fashion history. I second this recommendation. I recently conducted a major involuntary wardrobe edit and it’s been fantastic. For me it’s more of a uniform than a rational wardrobe, and if anything a matter of economy. We should all choose less, choose better, and choose smarter when we acquire clothes.

  4. Morkle&Dahl:

    The modern gentleman has much to learn from the gentlemen of the past – economy, efficiency, simplicity but with the possibility of interesting combinations & occasional surprises. Less is most definitely more when it comes to classic style and elegance on the masculine form.

  5. Bas:

    Sorry but I find this a tad boring.
    Where is the personality? This could be anybody’s wardrobe.

  6. Ryan Waggoner:

    “This could be anybody‚Äôs wardrobe.”

    Not today, it couldn’t. Almost no one dresses like this anymore. You’d be sure to stand out if you did so.

  7. bill:

    LOVE the vintage appeal of the images, yeah maybe a bit too old fashioned but a good place to start when re-thinking a wardrobe. Love the postings, keep up the good work!

  8. Tyler Willis:

    Would love if there was a refreshed version of this.

    What would the versatile gentleman in 2010 have in his closet.

  9. Beau:

    Just love the authenticity of this!

  10. Matt Fox:

    Love it. Simplify! Great image too.

  11. Blanche Ducksworth:

    was looking for a furniture forum – came across yours, good read

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