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July 21, 2010

  1. Michael:

    I sincerely hope this is a joke. Sincerely, MRJC.

  2. Carmen:

    Dadwear. Seriously. What the fuck.

  3. Luke:

    Sorry, thats never going to be cool. I don’t care who you are. Never will that never ever look “Neat”.

  4. bas:

    I’m into this idea of wearing those kind of trainers with suits, it’s SO wrong but done right it is SO hot!
    And yes vintage trainers is SO not done today.

  5. World Man About Town:

    Bleached denim? No, thanks…
    My views on this kind of fabric here:

  6. Mr Cheap Date:

    I see this as a completely natural reaction to the homogenisation of cheap landfill high street brands and the now cliched Albam man. Any look is just right/wrong depending on how it’s put together.

  7. Sam:


  8. Andrew:

    i love this look! both the light denim and the technical trainers are so great.

  9. Charles:

    Pity the photo is cropped where it is . . .

  10. Charlie:

    The best taste around now is bad taste

  11. Michael:

    This combo has made this blog lose all credibility.

  12. Rob:

    It’s so funny to read all the reactions above. For me ‘style’ is also to play with the perception of the viewer and to combine unexpected fabrics, materials and looks. I’m sporting the look above regularly with a dress shirt and then enjoy the puzzled look of the people I meet. If you can play with this and show that you consiously try to alter the way others perceive you with a wink, a twist or a tongue-in-cheek everything is permitted and you’re never ‘out of style’ (what ever that is). If ‘style’ becomes a code, an agreement what and what not to wear, it’s a dogma and can never be free, cool or vintage.

  13. joseph:


    This look IS the look of the casual american male….However, FM did a horrible job pairing the trainers with the jeans, and where is the gentleman’s shirt?

    The look is completed by wearing a dress shirt, preferably a short sleeved one, or sleeves rolled up, tucked in, contrasting belt, and the trainers MUST be something that is not “marathon ready”…

    In other words, a faded pair of Diesels or APC, vintage Sauconys or Reeboks, and a vintage John Weitz button down, and your looking fly…

  14. Rob:

    Joseph, you could not have been a more illustrative example of my point…

  15. Ralf:

    sorry-boring look! Is around since the 90s

  16. jean grey:

    this IS a hot look

  17. Man on a Budget:

    I just can’t agree that this looks good. Perhaps this will become a hot trend for next Spring for those who want to do ANYTHING to just be different, but it’s just not appealing to me. I prefer real classic timeless pieces, and this just isn’t that kind of look.

    Of course it could just be that the example in this photo is terrible. If the jeans fit a little nicer, and the man was wearing a shirt (even just a white t-shirt?) it may pull the look together a little better. I’d prefer to wear a pair of simpler runners. I just hate the look of these modern technical trainers, and would only wear then to do some actual training in.

  18. Bismarck:

    These newer athlete’s shoes that look like Las Vegas puked on them are utterly, utterly horrible.

  19. Paul K.:


  20. notre dame:

    what planet are you on??

  21. ES:

    yes ! COMON

  22. willem h. lucas:

    I like the sans shirt aspect of this look – whl

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