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May 30, 2011

  1. World Man About Town:

    This is not only a great outfit, but the choice of background for the photograph (namely the stone setps, the shadows and the palm trees) contributes to creating a strong sense of texture.

  2. Rob:


  3. Brandy Alexander:


  4. JMD:

    You can’t possibly imagine that anyone would seriously wear those shoes in any place other than a Prada showroom.

  5. Quote a Gentleman:

    Nothing less than a true classic & modern gentleman.

  6. Bradley:

    ummm, who’s the model. Hubba hubba

  7. DAN:

    He’s like a modern Cary Grant!

  8. Annoying:

    I love linnen at the moment! Its becoming more casual chic!I think is great to make your total look look more modern in a different way ! The only thing thats annoying for a very long time is that you guys from fantastic man don’t select work from your best National dutchs mens fashiondesigner Francisco van Benthum. Van Benthum has a stunning waxed linnen trousers from his Black Label collection called Brave SS 2011 in also a tabocco colour. Its just very annoying to see that you guys from fantastic man are underestimate the talent from mister Francisco van Benthum as a dutchs-menswear designer! Or you guy are just not aware that he makes beautifull clothes.

  9. lorenzo:

    oompa loompa chic

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