Minutes before yesterday’s LANVIN menswear show in Paris, while the audience took its seats, LANVIN’s menswear designer LUCAS OSSENDRIJVER, seen above, took a leisurely stroll through the venue – a giant warehouse in the 15th arrondissement. He was wearing a sheer blue T-shirt over a white T-shirt, with black trousers and black shoes. A python-leather scarf was popping out of his trousers’ back pocket. Mr. OSSENDRIJVER was wonderfully relaxed. “This collection is about contrasts,” he said. “No colour, just black & white. Round and angular. Soft and hard. Shiny and matte. Berlin and Copacabana. It’s very different from what we’ve done before.” And indeed what was about to be unveiled turned out to be a stunningly innovative collection, a sensational moment, a landslide victory, and another new realm for LANVIN’s menswear. (See for instance for the photos.) This week’s shows in Paris may not have been the most exciting ever, but at least LANVIN was a spectacular high. Congratulations. Facebook  Twitter

  1. DAVID:

    Mr. Ossendrijver’s creative genius is apparent. A marvelous line. Quite cutting edge but wearable. A breath of fresh air for menswear.

  2. Charles:

    It seems odd that a designer would be dressed so plainly and so without distinction for a major men’s fashion show (imagine Chanel watching from the stairs in her T-shirt and jeans).

  3. Yes:

    Charles, you bore, he’s wearing ‘…a sheer blue T-shirt over a white T-shirt, with black trousers and black shoes. A python-leather scarf was popping out of his trousers’. If anyone accused me of dressing plainly in such an outfit then I’d probably have to question their heritage brand get up. IYKWIM?

  4. Charles:

    The scarf doesn’t appear in the photo, but it does sound distinctive. Otherwise, regardless of how expensive the items may be (or how sheer the top T-shirt), it’s still just T-shirts and jeans, which I consider plain. But diversity of opinion is always fun, so how nice to learn (however rudely and defensively it was expressed) that someone finds what I would consider plain and unremarkable clothing to be distinctive and interesting. There are gradations to everything. In any case, the clothes on the runway look as though they are a good deal more interesting: something for everyone.

  5. Yes:

    You still sound like a bore Charles, sorry.

  6. Rogier:

    Charles, your judgement on Ossendrijver’s outfit is useless, does it matter what the man wears himself? He makes fantastic clothes. All that aside, since when is plain a negative thing?

  7. Charles:

    If you’d like people to buy and wear your nice clothes, then why not wear them yourself when you are presenting them to the public? And if it matters to me what the man himself wears, why do other people apparently find a need to address negative comments to me, personally, for that? (Someone who is intolerant of other people’s opinions is one good definition of a bore, no?)
    On the other question, I agree, plain needn’t be negative. It just struck me as odd (or at least as a missed opportunity).

  8. Lucas:

    Stop picking on Charles!

    Men gotta step up, men gotta dust off those doublets, singlets and pikelets, whatever! Ya heard!?

    Ah heck, what happened to all the tweed? Where’s the herringbone? Who’s got all the ties?

    Shucks, step it up men.

  9. Yes:

    Charles, look again, those aren’t jeans my friend. The man looks menswear 3.0 and I like it!

  10. kyle.:

    ever seen jack and lazaro? lucas looks like he’s going to prom compared to those guys.

  11. kyle.:

    charles doesn’t get it, and that’s fine.

  12. Yes:

    Going to prom?! WTF Lolz




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