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December 3, 2009

  1. Penny:

    Surely the most handsome confectionery packaging is that of the Tunnock’s tea cake?

  2. Anders:

    I LOVE this Italian liquorice called Saila that is almost similar to Tabu, but it tasts better. Saila is equally hard to find. At least I can never find it in those enormous displays full of varieties of chewing gum that I never recognize as chewing gum as they look like condom packages to me.

  3. Malte:

    I used to chew those all holiday long. Thanks for reminding me; any ideas where to get hold of them outside of Italy?

  4. DOMA:

    You can find Tabu licorice at Doma Importing Co.,

  5. Stratford Ontario:

    Sick! Just received a brand-new Pearl and I can now read your blog on my phone’s browser, it didn’t work on my old 1.

  6. Paul Mario Sgalia:

    Visited Italy loved the licorice available. I just found Tabu online and have some coming to me here in Vermont USA!!

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December 31, 2014