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December 21, 2009

  1. jimjam:

    Are these black or green? I hear the colour says very particular things about the wearer

  2. walking boots:

    A walking boot is a way to immobilize the ankle joint, and is an alternative to a cast. A walking boot is useful in patients who have injuries that can tolerate weight being placed on the extremity, but would benefit from immobilization of the joint.To walk comfortably and safely in moorland, hill & fell country, you need to protect your feet in purpose designed walking shoes or boots. In an ideal world, you would have different footwear to suit all the different terrains and conditions that you might encounter year round.

  3. Charles:

    Another very good source for boots is Le Chameau. I have a pair in brown leather, lined with Gore-Tex, and they are tremendously useful for getting around the country. I would not, however, wear them in town.

  4. Simon:

    I guess that is why I thought you were a biker when I saw you at the spa!

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December 31, 2014