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October 20, 2009

  1. horst:

    love it

  2. Colin Chapman:

    As a man of rapidly advancing argenté hair myself, I heartily recommend Bumble & Bumble’s violet-toned shampoo and conditioner. It makes silver hair really sparkle and there’s no hint of Quentin Crisp blue rinse-ness.

  3. Stephen Chamberlain:

    And it is the only colouring of hair you cannot purchase . White hair is exclusive to the wearer .
    I have white hair and love the look and like Phillip have people ask about my hair everyday hurrah Hurrah hurrah for the Greys and whites .

  4. Randall Todd:


  5. Michael:

    I had the same thing happen to me and it’s never been an issue. I did used to get comments but they tended to be out of curiosity more than anything. Unlike Philip I really enjoyed dyeing it every now and then too. I used to joke that I was going to go ‘grey away’. So grey hair is kinda fun I reckon.

  6. Kirk:

    Of course, Anderson Cooper may also be considered a premature silver fox. Young men with grey and white hair are eternally attractive. Congratulations, Philip!

  7. richard:

    andy warhol wore a wig. he doesn’t count.

  8. chris:

    i can’t wait to have grey hair. i’m not going to dye my hair. i look really young so it’ll be good to finally have ‘an older person’ signifier.

    also its ok for men to go grey, but women HATE it

  9. Anders:

    NIce one! My friends used to give me a hard time as my hair got some gray stains during high school. Today, aged 24, the silver glow is quite dominant, and they recon that it looks quite sharp – eventually women tend to dig the patina.

  10. Will:

    I want to dye my black curly hair grey.
    Any advice on the best way to; pros and cons; maintenaince?


  11. Jack Davis:

    Don’t do it. To get your dark hair light enough you will ruin the condition through heavy duty bleaching. Your hair will just look dry and damaged. Plus its difficult to get a decent grey through colouring – you risk ending up with a blue rinse or a brassy yellow.

    There’s plenty of time to enjoy grey hair when it happens naturally..

  12. Will:

    Jack – that was super helpful. Thanks.

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