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December 9, 2009

  1. javier:

    non, they are not super cute. they are merde.

  2. foxxxy:


  3. the fonz:

    Shades of Tracy Jordan.

  4. Oliver:

    People need to leave established classics alone. These are incredibly naff.

  5. Gibron:

    I have a good friend who would do anything for these!

  6. Bobby:

    Though they might have lasted the 10 minutes they were needed on the runway, these made in China Docs have quality issues. The patent on my Raf Simons DMs cracked after only two days of wear.. Returned them immediately. Never again.

  7. walking boots:

    Gold is actually a very traditional and elegant color. However, make sure you are comfortable with wearing gold wedding shoes since they tend to be a bit more non-traditional than white or ivory wedding shoes. Also, remember, gold shoes will be a lot easier to wear in the future to your Christmas parties or any other cocktail parties that you will be going to.The deeper tone is more traditional although the lighter tone can be a little more girly and fun. One tip is to buy 2 different pairs and try them on with your dress. This way, you can see how they accent your feet and your dress at the same time.

  8. Babababble:

    Enaff said.

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single general

December 31, 2014